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About Capstone Solutions

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Mission – Dedicated to making society more equitable and just, Capstone’s mission is to use our collective skills and experience to help build more successful organizations and communities.  Our vision is for a world in which individuals and communities work together to overcome differences and achieve success. 

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Professional Services – Capstone provides solution-based, outcome-oriented consulting services that improve operating performance and maximize social impact.  These services focus on both solving problems and leveraging opportunities, and center around:  1) Executive Leadership and Strategic Planning Services;  2) Operational Plans and Implementation Services; and 3) Organizational Collaboratives and Community-Based Solutions. 


Our Team – Capstone brings together an exceptionally talented, highly experienced group of senior-level experts from the public sector, non-profit and for-profit entities, and the world of academia … all of whom are committed to applying their highly reputed skills and prior experience to those in need. 

Capstone Solutions – With unique services and exceptional talent, Capstone helps human service organizations (and whole communities) improve their performance and maximize social impact by providing the transformational tools and strategies needed to enhance operations and more effectively navigate and effect social change.

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