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Capstone Solutions helps social sector maximize social impact by providing the transformational tools and strategies needed to enhance operations and more effectively navigate and effect social change. 



Dedicated to making society more equitable and just, Capstone Solutions’ mission is to use our collective skills and experience to help build more successful organizations and communities.  Our vision is for a world in which individuals and communities work together to overcome differences and achieve success. 

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Capstone Solutions works with clients to develop a plan to address the challenges and opportunities they face, helping them to strengthen their organization and deepen their impact in the community. This includes the development of plans and tactics that ensure successful implementation.


Services include: 


  • Strategic Planning & Capacity Building 

  • Organizational Assessments & Solutions 

  • Executive Coaching & Leadership Development 



Capstone Solutions’ clients range from Non-Profit Organizations, Public Sector Agencies and Government Institutions and other organizations seeking to increase their social impact.


Capstone Solutions’ team brings together an exceptionally talented, highly experienced group of senior-level consultants from a variety of industries in both the public and private sectors. This diverse and varied experience within the team gives clients access to a range of expertise and experiences for their projects. 


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