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Anne Robin, LMFT

Senior Associate

Anne Robin, LMFT, was the Behavioral Health Director for the County of San Luis Obispo from 2013 through 2023. She has served as the Behavioral Health Director for Butte County and the Assistant Director for Tuolumne County. She has been an administrator, manager, and therapist for several community-based organizations, both non -profit and for profit, throughout California.

She served as the co-chair of the Criminal Justice Committee for the County Behavioral Health Directors Association (CBHDA) for three terms, as the co-chair of the Small Counties Committee and of the Cultural Competence, Ethnic Services, and Social Justice Committee. She is serving her second term as a behavioral health representative on the Criminal Law Advisory Committee for the Judicial Council of California.

Besides her forty plus years in the public behavioral health and social services world, she has a strong interest in environmental issues. She is a certified California Naturalist and Master Gardener. She has lived and worked in Columbia, Northern Mexico, and Costa Rica as a Rotary volunteer and brings that world view of equity and diversity into all her endeavors

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