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Capstone Solutions helps social sector maximize social impact by providing the transformational tools and strategies needed to enhance operations and more effectively navigate and effect social change. 

County of San Luis Obispo & Transitions-Mental Health Association

"The County of San Luis Obispo Health Agency and Transitions-Mental Health Association this month released a new report that they jointly commissioned from Capstone Solutions Consulting Group that examines the current state of adult behavioral health care and provides recommendations on how to improve the delivery of adult mental health and substance use disorder treatment services in San Luis Obispo County."

Volunteering Group

The City Of Long Beach

"The Health Department contracted with Capstone Consulting Group to:

1. Educate policymakers regarding behavioral health programs including options and constraints for pursuing enhanced residential treatment programming including:

2. Identify existing options and capacity for behavioral health treatment at the different levels.

3. Detail approaches to sharing information, including electronic data sharing, to improve access and coordination of care.

4. Generate alternatives for the expansion of capacity with a strategic action plan for the implementation of feasible alternatives."

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