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Organizational Collaboratives

Community-Based Solutions


The Problem – Communities of all sizes face serious social problems that need new solutions.  Unfortunately, remedies are sometimes hampered by the lack of resources and coordinated efforts of organizations attempting to solve them.


The Solution – Capstone addresses this challenge by working, in real-time, with external organizations to develop and implement new and innovative real-world solutions that address society’s largest and most important Grand Challenge social issues. This includes large-scale strategic social planning efforts, combined with related policy and operational efforts needed to bring together organizations at all levels to shape and achieve common goals for strengthening community success.  As part of this process, Capstone also works with these groups to build cooperative and collaborative relations within and among them.

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The Capstone Approach – These special projects begin with Capstone team members partnering with organizations and their associated communities;  followed by the mobilizing of academic and applied expertise to generate innovative design solutions;  and culminating in the development and implementation of plans of action to affect the needed changes.

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