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Operational Planning

Operational Planning & Implementation

At the organizational level, Capstone provides services that include shorter-term operational plans and tactics that include:

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Organizational Assessments – Evaluation of organizational structure, programs and services, operations, technology, personnel, community impact and financial performance.  

Paper Boats in the Clouds

Change Management – Program re-designs, organizational restructurings, operational and process design improvement programs, financial turnarounds, management search projects, and direct short-term management responsibilities.

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New Program Design and Implementation – Design and implementation of new program strategies and tactical plans, user and community engagement and operational delivery projects, and long-term capacity-building efforts.

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Revenue Enhancement – Strategic revenue plan development, stakeholder advocacy, grant-writing and contract administration, and funder facilitation and management services.


Financial Management – Design and implementation of new financial systems, performance evaluation methods, profit enhancement strategies, internal training programs, and financial reporting tools and processes.

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Health/Behavioral Health – Integration of behavioral health and primary care services; improving approaches to public health; management of substance use and EAP programs;  and the design and implementation of value-based purchasing, care outcomes and performance measurement programs and tools.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Programs – Internal evaluations and the development and implementation of new DEI initiatives that offer anti-racist strategies and promote equity (especially in relation to historically marginalized populations).


Communications and Stakeholder Relations – External marketing, internal communications, and stakeholder management programs designed to facilitate and mediate engagement processes at organizational and community levels.

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Operations – Development and delivery of other operating processes, management control systems, contract and risk management services, and internal training programs to help support the efficient and effective daily operation of the organization. 

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