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Who We Serve

Capstone provides its professional services to a variety of client groups committed to addressing a wide array of social and health-related problems.  Amongst the many, these problem areas include:

  • Homelessness

  • Mental Health

  • Youth Development

  • Poverty

  • Social Isolation

  • Criminal Justice

  • Substance Abuse

  • Racism

  • The Environment

  • Violence

  • Eldercare

  • Diversity Equity & Inclusion

  • Educational Disparities

  • Healthcare Access

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Capstone’s professional services are designed to help many different types of organizations working in these problem areas, including:



Non-Profit Organizations


Capstone works with leading social service non-profit organizations (NPO’s) who are both mission-driven and accountable to their donors, oversight agencies, and those they serve.  The firm’s professional services focus on helping NPO’s actualize their missions;  create innovative solutions to both sustain current programs and services while building capacity;  and effect transformational change.  (+ Pic/Graphic of NPO)


Public Sector Institutions


Public sector organizations are key to societal and economic progress and well-being. With budgetary restrictions, political pressures, and growing user requirements, this sector must constantly re-invent itself for efficiency and effectiveness while keeping up with societal developments.  Capstone provides its professional services to public sector agencies and other governmental institutions (including state, federal, and local entities) who are tasked with supporting the needs of their communities and constituencies.  Typical services include performance audits, general management consulting, strategic planning, organizational development, and overall policy and program development.  (+ Pic/Graphic of “Gov’t”)


Behavioral Health Organizations


Behavioral Health has become an essential component of high-quality, financially-sustainable healthcare.  From screening and assessment to comprehensive care for those with serious mental illness, these services are key to the future.  Capstone offers services on all aspects of BH practice operations (including billing solutions, scaling strategies, and operating tools) to help entities, both private and non-profit, find innovative approaches to growth, see more patients, improve more lives and generate more revenue.   (+ Pic/Graphic of Therapy Office)


Foundations and Consortia


Capstone’s work with communities and the development of its new program solutions for society’s most pressing social problems typically entails collaborations with others. In many cases, this includes financial support from philanthropic Foundations;  and operational support from Consortia made up of other committed non-profits and businesses.  To this end, the firm works with Foundations to help match their mission-driven funding strategies with Capstone’s major development efforts;  while at the same time deploying strategies that direct, coordinate and leverage Consortia partners efforts funded by these Foundations.   (+ Pic/Graphic of Big Foundation Building)


Private Sector Companies


Corporate Social Responsibility is a management concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and interactions with their stakeholders.  In support of this concept, and in concert with some of its other more traditional client engagements, Capstone also works with leading for-profit companies who are focused on not only operating successful businesses … but also being socially responsible and committed to increasing the social impact of their efforts.  (+ Pic/Graphic of “Business”, or maybe “CSR”)

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